Information Related To Exemption Notified
Cancellation/Grant of Exemption Notified By The Appropriate Government
( The Data is Provisional and Under Updation )
S.No. Name of the Establishment Code No. Type Appropriate Government Date of Order View Notification
1. M/s.Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited SRBRH0014401000 Surrender Government of India 26.10.2021 Link
2. M/s.Raja Bahadur International limited PUPUN0000338000 Surrender Government of India 30.12.2021 Link
3. M/s.Bapalal & Co jewellers TNMAS0002562000 Surrender Government of Tamil Nadu 06.05.2022 Link
4. M/s.Dunlop India ltd. (WBHOL0000716000) Cancellation Government of West Bengal 31.01.2021 Link
5. M/s.Punjab Khadi Mandal (LDJAL0001041000) Cancellation Government of India 04.07.2022 Link
6. M/s Sundaram Industries Private Limited (MDMDU000019700A) Surrender Government of Tamil Nadu 30.06.2022 Link
7. M/s Spic Heavy Chemicals Division (TNMAS0012115000) Surrender Government of Tamil Nadu 30.06.2022 Link
8. M/s Fertiliser and Chemicals Travancore (KRKCH0000165000) Cancellation Government of Kerala 04.08.2022 Link
9. M/s. Progressive Publicity Service Ltd. (WB/PRB/5037) (WB/PRB/5037) Cancellation Government of Bengal 10.03.2023 Link
10. M/s. Wahid Sandhar Sugar Limited (PN/17254) Cancellation Government of Punjab 13.04.2023 Link