1. Updation in the Directory is dependent on the information received from the respective offices.
  2. Whenever there is any change in the directory the correct details may be sent to :
  3. We have attempted making the Directory bilingual and any correction in the name or number may be intimated to the above mentioned e-mail ids.
  4. The details of Officers designated as Appellate Authority/CPIO/CAPIO has also been added in the directory and information on such officers may also be intimated.


  1. Please send the scanned copy of the signed document related to TENDER (or AUCTION) only through mail to:
  2. Please do not send the documents through post or fax to avoid delay/unreadable print.
  3. The tender document should be sent well in time to properly manage the last dates of the tender.
  4. Please covert the word document (pages that do not have any signature) into PDF before sending. The bilingual letter heads or other matter of the document if prepared in any Hindi font may not be displayed in Word document but PDF file preserves the font. The PDF document will also ensure that no editing can be done in the document.
  5. As per the directions issued to NDC, the tenders can be uploaded only when they are in bilingual.
  6. Please check for the reply mail from web administrator (it is sent to the official e-mail id of the respective office), which is sent if any error is detected. No editing/correction will be done at NDC.
  7. If any tender notice is uploaded and later some error is found a Corrigendum may be sent giving the details of the earlier uploaded document serial number on the website. The uploaded notices will not be replaced by a fresh one.
  8. In case of any Single Tender/Nomination based Award, the details of the same may be sent to the web administrator for upload, as per the CVC circular uploaded at Serial No. 621 of the Office Order section on the website for year 2012-13. It will be uploaded on the link for Tenders.